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21st Century Homes Wodonga VIC – Security, CCTV, Multi-Room Audio

60 Maygar Avenue Wodonga, VIC 3690This marks our 2nd Display home for the 21st Century Homes team, gee they always build a nice home!



In their previous display home they had utalised a Denon AVR-X3000 for a 2-Zone Audio Solution driving In-Ceiling Speakers in the Alfresco and Living Area. We left the speakers in the ceiling there and took the Amp to their new location which saved them a significant amount of money in the process!

Our most popular speaker for these applications are the Macktronix Premium In-Ceiling model which has a 6.5″ Woofer and 1″ Tweeter. The Speakers are recessed on an angle within roof which allowing the sound to be pushed directionally through the room still giving that surround sound effect.
The whole system can be controlled via a Smartphone or Tablet App so that you can not only choose the song you want to stream, but also control the volume level in each zone independently.



The customer opted to upgrade from our standard camera range giving them a 1080p 2MP HD Solution with Vandal Resistant IP Rated Dome Cameras. The system is capable of having up to 8 Cameras however we only are using 5x Slots at the moment allowing for future proofing if their requirements increase. As always our systems have an App for remote viewing of  footage so that our client can keep an eye on their investment no matter where they are in the globe.


TV Wall Mounting:-

In this instance we only wall mounted 1x TV in the alfresco area. Due to the design of the Living Room Wall Mounting was not an option in this space. We had a Apple TV Mounted behind the TV in the Alfresco providing a nice looking slide show onto the panel for some basic digital signage.



This home has a simple 3x Zone System using a combination of 360 and Corner mounted PIR Sensors. The system also has an App running over their NBN connection allowing for remote arming, disarming, aswel as notifications in the event of alarm. This system can be expanded to support up to 8x PIR Sensors if the clients needs increase.