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Commercial Portfolio

Genesis Gym VIC – Group Fitness Rooms, Distributed Audio, MATV, TV Wall Mounting Data and More

Welcome to the BIGGEST gym in Albury Wodonga! Macktronix were responsible for creating the Electronics solution to compliment this HUGE floor space.

This project spanned over 6-Months from Design, cabling to fit-off. This was a big project all round! Added to the scale of this project we had the added hurdle of Gareth (the Head Technician) out sick for the week of handover. No worries though, our experienced staff carried the extra load to ensure the project got handed over on time. Good work fellas!

  • Key features include:-
  • 32x Speakers Flush and Wall Mounted Speakers
  • 2x Independent Group Fitness rooms
  • 11x 50-65″ Wall mounted TV’s mounted in different Formats.
  • 2x Eurolive B1500 1400 Watt 15″ Subwoofers
  • 59x TV and Data Points (All Cardio includes 1x Data and 1x Coax)
  • And much much more!

Astra Lodge Falls Creek – Distributed Audio, In-Ceiling Speakers, HD 2MP 1080p CCTV, Alarms, App Controlled Electronics

We had the pleasure of working on the AWARD winning Astra Lodge in Falls Creek. We designed them a customer Multi-Room Audio Solution driven by Yamaha MTX aswel as a HD 1080p Camera Solution.

Over the span of a few years we built this project up to what you see today. Often work needed to be re-done as it needed to be ready for trading in the winter, and pulled down again and stored so renovations could continue in Summer.

The key features are:-

  • 23 In-Ceiling Speakers in the hallways.
  • 6x On-Wall 6″ Speakers in the Min Bar
  • 4x Wall Plates for Audio Control
  • iPad interfaced for control on the move
  • Remote Plug-in via an AUX lead in the pool area.

Lockhart Parish Lockhart NSW – Commercial Projector, INC Custom Projector and Projector Screen Backet, PA, Distributed Audio

We were pretty excited when first approached for this project. We knew it was definitley going to come with it’s challenges. Being in a church the ceilings were so high no conventional bracketting system would work for the Projector itself, and seeing as the screen wasn’t to be mounted on the wall at the end of the building this had to be suspended aswel. With the help of LS Engineering in Wodonga we designed and fabricated a custom bracketting solution from scratch using a series of guide ropes and a steep frame. The final solution is super stable and strong which si needed as any movement at al would cause the screen to move out of alignment.

Key Features Include:-

  • 2x Wireless Microphones
  • 1x Wireless Headset
  • 1x Dedicated Media Center computer
  • 4x White Wall mounted speakers
  • Amplifiers
  • Mixing Station
  • Fully custom fabricated wall brackets
  • Switched Outdoor Horn
  • Hitachi Super Bright Commercial projector
  • Retractable Projector Screen

 Fitness 24 Seven Albury NSW – Gym Group Fitness Training Room

361 Urana Rd, Lavington NSW 2641

Checkout this Group Training room we supplied and Installed for Fitness 24 Seven’s new Group Trianing room!

Macktronix is the ONLY Authorised Re-seller of Aeromic Group Fitness equipment between Melbourne and Canberra, so we are the obvious go to point when looking to build a new Group Fitness Room in your Gym or Training Studio.

Mitta Mitta Pub Mitta Mitta VIC – Distributed Zoned Audio, CCTV, Alarm, TV Wall Mounting and A/V Distribution.

Mitta Mitta has ALWAYS been a project close to our hearts. This was one of our first major projects when I first started the business. We were thrilled when John Tyrell and Southern Cross Developers put their trust in our hands. Not only did we finish it off beautifully to compliment the building but it’s still working and sounding great to this day!

  • We helped out with a number of services from:-
  • Alarm with Touchscreen and App Access
  • TV Wall Mounting
  • HD CCTV Solution (One of the first in the Albury Wodonga Area!)
  • Zoned Distributed Audio Solution
  • Flush Mounted Speakers
  • & MUCH More!

Mass Nutrition Albury NSW and Shepparton VIC – Background Audio, TV Wall Mounting, Digital Signage, Data, Point of Sales, Alarm and CCTV

There is a fair bit of Electronic hardware packed in to Retail Shops these days even for a Supplement Store! The time frames on these fitouts are normally pretty tight, often we take the site from cabling to fitout in only a number of days! Shepparton was done start to finish in 2-Days to be precise!

For this customer we took them from A-Z for services such as TV Wall Mounting, Flush Mounted Speakers and Subwoofer for Background Music, CCTV Solution, Alarm System, Data Cabling, you think of it, we did it! These stores always come up looking a treat and we can always deliver a very tidy COMPLETE solution for a realistic budget.

Commercial Club Albury NSW – TV Wall Mounting, MATV, Distributed A/V, Antenna Signal Distribution

Very nice final product int this little Reno! This one was a tricky one for us as we only could only do much of the work in the early morning between 6-9am as the club needed to be open fully functional for normal trading throughout the day.

We balanced their head-ends MATV TV Antenna Signal, aswel as Wall Mounted over 30x TV Panels for them in a special specific grid that needed to be mm spot on throughout!Take a more indepth look at the TV’s we mounted and MATV work we performed for the Commercial Club Albury’s new TAB bar.

In the immediate area we mounted 28x TV’s which sounds like a lot.. Which it is! We had a window of 2x days to get it done between the Chippies finishing the flooring and the doors being due to be open to the Public. PHEW!

For a more in-depth view on the details of this project click on this post!