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Promotional Displays & Digital Signage

What better way to market your business then a digital Signage Solution from Macktronix?! We can tailor make a custom Digital Signage solution using a variety of different size and shaped TV Panels, or even mount an iPad to your counter!

Macktronix uses a variety of different platforms to control and distribute media throughout your business or elsewhere in the Marketplace. We can offer anything from enclosed stand alone systems, to Counter Mounted Tablets, Wall Mounted TV’s, or even MASSIVE Projector setups for use in shopping centers or projecting directly onto your building!


Hotel and Hospitality Panels:-

If you haven’t invested in Hotel / Hospitality TV Panels you may LITERALLY be wasting advertising opportunities on your doorstep! These Panels can be scheduled to startup with personalised messages to your guests, or post the food special of the day for example. Ontop of that these come with 3-Year COMMERCIAL warranties as standard to give you peace of mind that these panels will be performing for years to come. Contact Macktronix for an Obligation free quote to find the perfect Hotel TV Panel to suit your needs.

Fusion Cloud Managed Signage Software:-

Fusion Software is a simple to use dynamic Cloud Based Digital Signage & Content Solution that can be coupled with your Existing Display, or can even be pre-loaded natively in Philips Digital Signage Specific Panels. 

Fusion Signage is designed to simplify digital signage deployments. It is an easy-to-use platform built to replace USB sticks; by offering a cost-effective, cloud-based solution. In three simple steps have your screen added, content uploaded and playlist scheduled.

Have digital screens and think there is no easy solution for you? Give Fusion Signage a go.


Albury Brewhouse:- Albury NSW

Key Highlights:-

  • Various Digital Signage Specific Panels used throughout from the D-Line Philips Range.
  • 5x 32-50″ Digital signs used.
  • Variety of Portrait and Landscape Panels Mounted
  • 5x 65″ Philips Signature and 84″ Samsung 8000 Series Panels used for MATV TV Distribution of Foxtel, Sky Racing, Keno and Free to Air.

Koki Alpine Resort:- Falls Creek VIC

Key Highlights:-

  • Hotel Specific Philips Panels with 3-Year Commercial Warranty
  • 26x Hotel Specific Panels Supplied, and Wall Mounted by the Macktronix Team including all applicable hardware.
  • Guest specific content can be controlled from a central location like reception.
  • Features can be locked down so guests can’t get into specific settings that you don’t want them to have access too.
  • Can control specific parameters like landing channel on power on (If you have a digital signage panel), and other features like maximum volume levels).