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Do you need a License to Install or Sell CCTV and Alarm equipment in NSW and Victoria?

The answer is a definite YES! It goes without saying that you would like to know that your Security Alarm and CCTV installer has gone through a rigorous POLICE CHECK before installing a piece of hardware of this nature. You are well within your rights to ask your prospective Alarm and CCTV installer for their license numbers before selling or installing Alarm or CCTV equipment in your Home or Business. Macktronix is fully licensed in both NSW and Victoria.

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Macktronix are the Albury Wodonga’s regions premier business when it comes to elegantly designed Security Alarms for the domestic and commercial spaces. We know that while security is important, it is also important to keep the aesthetics of your building looking as nice as possible that is why on all of our Domestic projects we recommend Touchscreen Keypads, and Slimline strobe sirens. Not only do touchscreen keypads look nicer, but they are also easy to use as they give you real time information on the status of your alarm. No more confusing blinking lights!

There has been a dramatic price drop on security technology in the last few years, which means now for as low as $999 INC GST you can have  FULLY installed Alarm including all hardware, labour and cabling with NO on-going cost or contracts.

Basic Security Alarm $999 (RRP $1,499) Includes:-

  • 2x PIR Movement Sensors
  • 1x Touchscreen Keypad
  • 1x Slimline Strobe Siren
  • 1x Main Panel and Battery Backup
  • INCLUDES Full Cabling and Installation

How is Macktronix different from other Alarm Installers?

Often our competitors may install WIRELESS alarms for slightly less due to the lower installation times, however you end up paying MUCH MORE in the long run due to the battery’s having to be replaced over time. These security companies rely on these call backs to ensure that you keep calling them year after year. At Macktronix we much prefer to install you a quality system from the get-go to ensure you’re enjoying it service free for years to come!

We use only the best brands such as Hills Reliance, Ness, Clipsal, Paradox, and Bosch to ensure that you get a reliable cost effective Alarm System.

Is there a Smartphone App available for Remote control and notifications on an Alarm System?

Yes there sure is! At Macktronix App Control and Integration is our specialty. The benefits of App Controlled Security Alarm systems is that you DO NOT need to give your code out to everyone accessing your home. This is a real benefit especially the one off’s or rare visitors. An example would be that when the cleaner is due you can remote log in and disarm the security alarm, and re-arm it when they leave without EVER having to give out your code or assign a new one. Or say that while away you get a PUSH notification on your phone to notify you the alarm has gone off. You could remote into your CCTV solution, check your cameras to see what the alarm was caused by, and re-arm the alarm if the site is secure all via your Smart Phone or Tablet!



Macktronix carries a HUGE range of CCTV equipment to suit a variety of different applications and budgets. All Macktronix CCTV and Alarm systems carry an un-beatable 3-Year warranty on all parts and labour! Macktronix has FREE ONSITE quotes so that we can work hand in hand with you to determine the exact requirements of your very own personalized Security Solution.

Be sure to check out one of our most popular packaged up solutions for home and business below!

Package Pricing:- (8, 16 and 32 Channel Packages available on request)

HD Quality images are the new standard @ Macktronix. 

Many resellers actually market lower resolutions as their “HD” range, at Macktronix our cameras are truly HD giving out the Blu-ray or Go Pro image resolutions without breaking the bank! Ontop of that our cameras systems have an unbeatable 3-Year Warranty on parts and installation meaning you have a solid CCTV Solution for years to come.

Our new range of 2MP 1080p Dome Cameras are replacing our 700TVL Dome Cameras as our standard model. What this means is for no increase in price you now have access to 1080p HD Cameras.

An extra feature our systems carry over our competitors cheaper options is ALL of our cameras are IP Rated and have Motorised ZOOM and FOCUS as standard. IP Rated means that the unit is completely weather proof to ensure that it will be performing for years to come!

4CH HD Camera Package $1,400 Hardware Only (RRP $1,899):-

  • 4x 2MP 1080p IP Rated Vadal Resistant Dome Cameras with motorised Zoom and Focus
  • 1x HD 1080p DVR with 3TB Hard drive and in-built remote access
  • 1x 4CH Power supply
    + $1250 **OPTIONAL** Installation, Cabling and App Setup within the Albury Wodonga CBD.

 Unsure of what all the tech specs mean?

Watch the video below, for best results be sure to watch in HD!


Remote Viewing via Smartphone, Computer or Tablet Apps:-

ALL of our CCTV solutions come FULLY configured with a Smartphone App allowing you to remote view your investment no matter where you are on the globe. All you need is an Internet connection onsite, aswel as a Cellular or Wifi Connection on your mobile device!

Upon handover we even include a PERSONALISED set of instructions detailing how you can set the App up on future deices should you update your device in future.


Victorian License Numbers:-

  • PN 881 – 770 – 80S
  • MN 881 – 770 – 01S


NSW License Numbers:-

  • PN 000212578
  • MN 000104960

 Click on the photos below for more installations by the team @ Macktronix!

We service a HUGE area including but not limited to:-

  • Albury
  • Wodonga
  • Lavington
  • Leneva
  • Corowa
  • Bright
  • Yackandandah
  • Rutherglen
  • Tumut
  • Mulwala
  • Corryong
  • Mitta Mitta
  • Mt Beauty
  • Falls Creek
  • Stanley
  • Burrumbuttock
  • Berrigan
  • Tabletop
  • Holbrook
  • Finley
  • Walwa
  • Wangaratta
  • Tallangatta
  • Baranduda
  • Howlong
  • Yarrawonga
  • Beechworth
  • Lockhart
  • Towong
    And much much more!