St. Falls Resort offers the best of what Falls Creek has to offer; a wonderland nestled among the best mountains in Victoria’s alpine region.

We worked with the new owners of the all-season luxury apartments installing extensive CCTV cameras and speakers throughout the venue with onsite and remote support available.

Project features:

  • Multi-Zone Venue Audio Solution including Main Bar, Cafe, Outdoor Entertainment and Reception
  • 42x “Hotel Specific TV’s” for Accommodation with in-room guests welcome and custom concierge menu.
  • AV Distribution Solution Upgrade
  • Digital Modulation Upgrade
  • Venue wide signal balancing
  • CCTV Upgrade and HD rollout
  • Upgrading Existing CCTV Solution to HD
  • Data Networking Upgrade
  • Clean-up and Upgrade of Existing Data Network

We offer customised electronic solutions across hospitality and commercial spaces, with a 3-Year Commercial Warranty on all services.

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