A reliable security CCTV system that supports your business your way.

Grealy Motors is a successful and local family business specialising in automotive mechanical repairs.

Moving ahead with the times, they have full control at their fingertips when it comes to protecting their investment.

To assist Grealy Motors, we designed and installed CCTV security systems with unique features including:

  • Extensive CCTV solution for their pre-existing main site including cameras on a separate shed via a Wireless Point to Point Link
  • Cameras on their main site are used for a variety of security and operational tasks
  • Setup communications to a remote secondary shed
  • Offsite CCTV, Intruder Alarm, Video Intercom and Data Networking solutions that can be remotely monitored
  • All systems are designed and built to the expected Industrial and Commercial quality expectations
  • Minimum 3-year replacement warranty on all hardware
  • Complete system design, sales, installation and after-sales support

From maintenance, upgrades and fully designed CCTV security system installations from scratch, we have you covered.

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